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With the introduction of sustainable energy resources the energy system is changing rapidly. This energy transition requires substantial digitalisation of the energy system to be able to maintain the required security level, to keep the balance between energy generation and consumption and avoid overload of transmission and distribution networks. Traditionally generation followed consumption, using power plants that are controllable and can meet the consumption patterns and changes in those patterns. Dynamic weather dependent sustainable generation resources require this mechanism to turn around: where possible the consumption should follow available generation capacity.This mechanism requires more intensive network manangement and flexibility in consumption. Monitoring and control of both the energy networks and the consumption sites are therefore key functions in the digitalisation of the energy system. Smart Meters that can measure energy consumption at different time/tariff zones, smart appliances that can be remotely controlled, Consumer Energy Management Systems, digital substations and Narrow Band IoT are examples of new technologies currently being introduced to make intelligent network control and Demand Side Flexibility possible.

The consultancy service provided by Smart Energy Consulting can give answers on questons such as:

  • What are technology trends

  • What are the market opportunities

  • What are the current regulations to comply with

  • How to realise interoperabilty

  • What communication technologies and standards to use

  • How to tackle privacy/security